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As the founder of a real-estate investment company, no one expected Paul Hutchinson to walk away from the world of finance to answer what he found to be his true calling: rescuing children from the clutches of human traffickers. But, that’s exactly what he did.

Paul has personally participated in over 70 rescue missions to liberate children from abuse and save them from trafficking.

He also helps fund dozens of rehabilitation centers around the world to provide counseling, education, job training and holistic healing for survivors.

Both a producer of the movie “The Sound of Freedom” and portrayed in the movie for his role leading rescue missions, Paul is now committed to liberating humanity from the epidemic of child trafficking by increasing awareness and providing actionable steps to join the cause.

“Every child deserves to feel safe, loved and empowered to pursue their dreams. We rescue these children from the worst horrors and help give them back their lives, their dignity and their future.”

— Paul Hutchinson

Join us as we liberate humanity,
one story at a time.

Every listen makes an impact — together we can build a world where all people
are safe, valued, and empowered to pursue purpose and joy.

Each week Paul shares true stories of rescue and rehabilitation from the front lines of the fight against child trafficking.

Hear directly from survivors of abuse as they share their journey from victim to victor, and the people who helped them find freedom and healing. Paul also interviews leaders in government, law enforcement, social services and philanthropy who are innovating new solutions to combat trafficking and protect the vulnerable. Raw, emotional and deeply inspiring, The Sound of Freedom Podcast will ignite your passion for justice and motivate you to action. Because every child deserves to dream of tomorrow.

Witness the transformation made possible when we come together to defend the defenseless. Discover how the sound of freedom rings out each time a victim is made whole, a family is reunited, a life is given back.

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