Introducing The Sound of Freedom

The True Story Behind the Blockbuster Film - By Paul Hutchinson


A true account of the background, planning, and execution of the rescue mission portrayed in the film Sound of Freedom – written by Paul Hutchinson. 

Meet Paul Hutchinson

Author of The Sound of Freedom and Founder of Liberating Humanity

Creating a World of Safety, Freedom, and Hope

Paul Hutchinson retired in 2017 from his professional career as a business partner and entrepreneur to focus entirely on rescuing children enslaved in sex trafficking.

After leading over 70 undercover rescue operations, Paul realized that the only way to end child trafficking was to fight the problems in society that create supply and demand for this heinous crime: abuse, addiction, trauma, broken homes, etc.

That's when Paul founded Liberating Humanity.

The Truth Behind the Movie

What drives a multi-billion-dollar fund manager and philanthropist like Paul Hutchinson to risk his life and venture into the most dangerous regions of the world on undercover operations to save innocent children from child sex traffickers? Find out as you immerse yourself into the heart-pounding story of the child rescue mission in Cartagena Colombia, as depicted in the film, “Sound of Freedom.”
From his unique position as both a financial backer and undercover operative posing as a buyer of children, Paul shares unheard details and riveting stories from the largest child rescue mission in history. Throughout this book Paul shares valuable insight gained from the life experiences, business acumen, and tactical training that prepared him for these dangerous missions. These insights empower readers to transform their lives and contribute towards creating a safer world for our children.

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