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After spending 10 years on undercover missions to fight child trafficking, Paul Hutchinson (the founder of Liberating Humanity) realized that the only way to stop the demand for child trafficking was to widen his focus to not only liberating children, but on liberating humanity as a whole. 

We are committed to liberating humanity by helping anyone who has suffered from trauma or abuse to heal, by educating people on what they can do keep themselves and their family happy and safe, and by giving everyone the resources to feel confident and protect themselves and their families from any threats that come their way.

Please, take a course, view a resource, and join us in this mission. 

Paul Hutchinson

About the Founder - Paul Hutchinson

Paul Hutchinson, a successful business owner and philanthropist, has dedicated his life to to creating a world where everyone can experience safety, freedom, and hope.

Paul Hutchinson has personally led or played a critical role in over 70 undercover rescue missions to save children enslaved in child sex trafficking. 

Paul has now turned his focus on eliminating demand for child trafficking, by helping everyone who has struggled with trauma or addiction to heal, by educating everyone how they can make a difference, and by teaching individuals to protect themselves and their families.

Founder, Child Liberation Foundation

Executive Producer, Sound of Freedom

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As a Liberator you work with us to first free yourself, and then to spread that freedom to others. 

You will work with us to liberate yourself and others from anything that weighs us down: past abuse and trauma, the chains of addiction, or simply a lack of confidence in oneself.

Join us in this incredible movement as we heal, educate, and protect ourselves, our families, and eventually all of humanity. 

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