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Our Mission

Our mission is to liberate humanity from generation abuse, addition, and other traumas by equipping individuals and families with the skills and knowledge to lead safe, successful, and happier lives.

After over a decade spent leading undercover missions to rescue trafficked children, Paul Hutchinson, the founder of Liberating Humanity, realized that the only way to stop the demand for child trafficking was not only to liberate children, but to focus on liberating humanity as a whole from the generational abuse and addiction that fuels so many problems in this world.

Our approach follows the path of a child rescuer’s strategic actions—prioritizing safety, followed by education and, most importantly, healing.

This is why, as Liberating Humanity, our focus is to Protect, Educate, and Heal.

Our commitment begins with protection. We provide essential resources and courses designed to empower everyone to feel secure and confident in their ability to safeguard themselves and their loved ones. From cultivating situational awareness to mastering online self-defense training, we empower individuals to recognize, avoid, and respond to potential threats effectively.

Education is the cornerstone of personal growth and liberation. In our commitment to holistic well-being, we offer a diverse range of resources. These extend beyond the initial focus on recognizing signs of abuse to include tools for improving overall quality of life. From financial strategies to stress management, our educational resources aim to empower individuals to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Recognizing the importance of healing, we provide resources and support to those on a journey to overcome trauma, addiction, anxiety, and other challenges. Our focus on healing is an integral part of our mission, ensuring that individuals can not only protect themselves but also thrive emotionally and mentally.

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Join us in this movement to liberate humanity by first empowering and enabling yourself, and then using what you’ve learned to protect, educate, and heal those around you. 

As a Liberator you will make a tremendous impact in the lives of those around you, and you will join a cause greater than yourself with the power to change the world as we help others obtain safety, and provide them with the knowledge and power to be liberated from past abuse and trauma, the chains of addiction, or anything that weighs them down. 

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Paul Hutchinson

About the Founder - Paul Hutchinson

Paul Hutchinson, a successful business owner and philanthropist, has dedicated his life to to creating a world where everyone can experience safety, freedom, and hope.

Paul Hutchinson has personally led or played a critical role in over 70 undercover rescue missions to save children enslaved in child sex trafficking. 

Paul has now turned his focus on eliminating demand for child trafficking and breaking the chain of actions that leads to these acts by teaching individuals to protect themselves and their families, educating others on how they can make a positive change in their lives, and by helping those who have struggled with trauma or addiction to heal and recover.

Founder, Child Liberation Foundation

Executive Producer, Sound of Freedom

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