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Paul Hutchinson retired in 2017 from his professional career as a business partner and entrepreneur to focus entirely on rescuing children enslaved in sex trafficking.

After leading over 70 undercover rescue operations, Paul realized that the only way to end child trafficking was to fight the problems in society that create supply and demand for this heinous crime: abuse, addiction, trauma, broken homes, etc.

That's when Paul founded Liberating Humanity.

Paul Hutchinson – the founder of Liberating Humanity -started his career as a successful entrepreneur and investor. He has since dedicated his life to creating a world where every adult and child can experience safety, freedom, and hope.

Early Life, Business, and Philanthropy

Paul grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and developed a passion for caring for those around him early on in life. In high school he organized and led a peer leadership group to help at-risk-youth and worked actively to change the lives of many around him for the better. 

In his mid-20s Paul founded a business that provided adults with programs and mentorship to recover and heal from depression, anxiety, and past trauma. It was at this point in life that a mentor advised Paul to put a large percentage of his time and money towards charity. Finances were already tight, but after sacrificing his time and effort helping others in need, Paul found that his business flourished and other opportunities continued to present themselves. 

Paul sold his first company at age 29, and went on to found many other successful businesses. He attributes most of his success in business to the fact that he always spent a large amount of his time and money in the service of others. 

Paul found that his most fulfilling philanthropy efforts were those focused on helping innocent children. He served on the board of the Make-A-Wish foundation for several years and was the incoming chairman when he received a phone call that changed his life forever. 

Fighting Child Trafficking, the Sound of Freedom

In 2014, Paul received a phone call from Sean-Reyes (who later became the attorney general of Utah), asking him to help fund a child rescue mission that was underway in Columbia. 

Later on, Paul received a second call which requested his physical help in facilitating the rescue mission for over 50 children which were being held by traffickers. He was to pose as a wealthy American businessman to lure a group of traffickers in for a major sting operation. This operation was the basis for the 2023 film Sound of Freedom. You can listen to Paul’s first hand account of his experience on this rescue mission here,  or you can read about it in depth in his book, The Sound of Freedom – The True Story Behind the Blockbuster Film (Get notified when this book comes out).

After seeing the reality and horrors of child sex-trafficking first hand, and witnessing the joy of the children that were freed on that first rescue, Paul dedicated his life to eradicating child trafficking. 

Paul founded the Child Liberation Foundation, and spent the next decade leading and funding undercover rescue operations. Paul personally led or held a critical role in over 70 undercover rescue operations in 15 countries. Through his foundation, and others that he has helped to start and fund, over 5,000 children have now been liberated. 

Liberating Humanity - Starting a Movement

In 2023, Paul realized that more children were being sold than when he had started working on child rescue operations a decade ago. He realized that in order to truly eradicate child trafficking he would need to take a different approach. That is when he founded Liberating Humanity. 

Many of the root causes of child trafficking can be traced back to children living in broken homes, generational abuse or trauma, individuals struggling with addiction, etc. These are some of the problems that Liberating Humanity is focused on addressing. 

By giving each individual the knowledge they need to keep themselves and their family safe, by providing resources for parents on how to teach and help their children and create a stable home, and by helping those struggling with addiction, anxiety, or trauma to heal, we can put an end to many of the worlds problems before they even develop. This is the mission of Liberating Humanity. Read more about the mission of Liberating Humanity here

Other Achievements

Some of Paul’s other notable achievements include the following: 

  • Fonder, the Child Liberation Foundation
  • Executive Producer, Sound of Freedom
  • Recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor
  • Recipient of the 2022 International Medal of Freedom
  • Knighted by Prince Lorenzo in the order of San Martino
  • Granted Honorary Doctorate degrees from 12 different Universities
  • Recipient of the Race Award from Harvard Business School
  • Recipient of multiple Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • International Commissioner of Human Rights
  • Associate producer of La Soga Salvation movie
  • Board Member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Board Member of the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation
  • Board Member of the FBI Citizens Academy
  • Honorary Colonel Unified Police Department
  • Trained by CIA Operatives, Navy Seals and KRAV Experts
  • Judge for the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge
  • Mentor at the University of Utah School of Business
  • Recognized as one of the “Enlightened 50” top innovators committed to the common good.
  • Recognized as one of the 40 most influential young business leaders as part of the “Forty under 40.

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