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90% of attacks follow the same patterns - learn to recognize these and avoid threats to yourself and your loved ones.

Protective agents on assignment use a system of preventative defense tactics (PreFense for short) to keep themselves, and their VIPs safe from threats. 

These tactics include…  allow… and enable…

You can learn these same methods the professionals use to keep yourself and your loved ones out of harms way. 

Take the PreFense Online Course to…

  • Learn the techniques that professional protective service agents use daily to recognize and avoid potential threats.
  • Get taught how to apply those same techniques in your every day life.
  • Learn what red flags to watch for, and how to react to an emerging threat.
  • Develop the skills to keep yourself and and your loved ones safe without the need for martial arts training or hands-on self defense.
Taking the PreFense Online Course on a Desktop

“Working as a deputy in Northern Nevada, I responded to an incident where a felon had broken into a  rural home and was holding the family hostage. We solved the problem, but the family was deeply shaken. After investigating what happened it was clear they had made several preventable blunders. Shocked at the lack of (what I considered to be) just common sense, I was drawn to the stark realization that many people know very little about how to actually keep themselves out of harm’s way. ” – Steve Tarani

After years of work in law enforcement, the CIA, and on protective details Steve Tarani has turned his efforts to help ordinary individuals learn the skills and mindset needed to keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe. 

90% of attacks follow the same pattern as they take shape and then play out, and nearly all criminals use the same criteria to select victims. By learning to spot pre-attack patterns, notice anomalies in situations around you, and avoid the behaviors that criminals look for in their targets, you can avoid or mitigate nearly any threat that you or your loved ones might face. 

The PreFense Online Course teaches you to how to avoid, mitigate, and defend yourself and your loved ones from physical threats without the need to spend years training with martial arts or physical self defense techniques.

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