Announcing The Sound of Freedom Book by Paul Hutchinson

The True Story Behind the Blockbuster Film

Just one year after the blockbuster film opened the eyes of America to the horrible reality of child trafficking, The Sound of Freedom book, written by Paul Hutchinson, shares the incredible true story that inspired this film.

The movie, Sound of Freedom, is based on a compilation of multiple individuals and multiple rescue missions but centers around the story of a rescue mission that occurred in Cartagena, Colombia where over 120 victims were liberated in one day. Paul Hutchinson, the executive producer and primary investor of the film, Sound of Freedom, was personally involved in the rescue mission (in the movie his character is Pablo, played by Eduardo Verástegui). In the actual mission Paul was involved in several negotiations with the traffickers, posing as a buyer of children and as a potential investor for the trafficker’s child brothel resort. He was the bait that lured the traffickers and all of their captive children into a trap set to free the children and take down the traffickers. 

In his book, “The Sound of Freedom, The True Story Behind the Blockbuster Film”, Paul shares his incredible journey from co-founder of a multi-billion dollar investment fund to undercover operator in the fight against child trafficking. He shares his experience of conducting blood-chilling negotiations with the child traffickers, and describes the details behind how the actual rescue mission was staged, conducted, and how it went down. 

Throughout The Sound of Freedom Book Paul shares stories, not portrayed in the movie, that demonstrate the depth of the danger and stress found in these undercover missions – like how they encountered a 45 minute delay between when the traffickers wanted to start the “party” and when the federal agents actually arrived, and they had to do to continue to protect the children and stall the traffickers without blowing their cover. 

Since this mission, Paul had led or played a critical role in over 70 undercover rescue operations in 15 countries. Through his foundation, the Child Liberation Foundation, and others he has helped to start or fund, over 5,000 children have been liberated. 

This mission in Cartagena, Colombia was the foundation of everything for Paul.  It was here that Paul’s heart was touched by the tears of an innocent child, and where he felt such an incredible joy hearing the singing of rescued children – the sound of freedom. This is where his lifetime of dedication to eradicating child trafficking began. 

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