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“Are your laws truly liberating or creating more oppression?”

“Are you fighting to liberate the oppressed or are you fighting to create a new form of oppression?”

“Are you liberating the exploited or are you exploiting the liberated?”

“Be careful that your version of liberation is not creating more oppression”

“Most people have a broken child inside them who needs liberation”

“Liberation from oppression is meaningless without internal liberation”

“Identify the areas you are still in bondage, choose to liberate yourself from those chains”

“In the struggle for liberty, the liberation of the soul is the most important of all”

“It is my life mission to support the oppressed in their struggle for liberty.”

“It is time for the liberation of women from thousands of years of subjugation “

“Its only when you start moving forward that you recognize the things holding you back”

“Liberate your mind from self-imposed oppression “

“Liberate yourself from core beliefs that no longer serve you”

“Liberating humanity starts with the liberation of the mind”

“Liberation does not come from fighting and conquering; liberation comes from coming to a place of peace within your heart”

“Liberation from your past requires letting go of what does not belong to your future”

“Liberation of oppressed nations begins with a change in the way we see ourselves and each other”

“Liberation of women starts with men freeing themselves from all chauvinistic perceptions “

“Liberty at the expense of peace is not freedom at all”

“Mankind will soon recognize the profound liberating and healing qualities of plant medicine,”

“Many countries have been liberated only to find that evil forces have taken the place of a dictator.”

“My goal is not just to liberate a child from the clutches of a trafficker in Colombia, my mission is to help liberate the broken child inside every grown adult that is keeping them from living a life of peace and happiness”

“Personal liberation requires a conscious release of core beliefs that keep you stuck in the past.”

“Strength shields against oppression but can also create it.”

“The current trajectory of mankind leads to destruction, it can all be changed using the tools of love, empathy, forgiveness and inner peace.”

“The liberation of humanity is an attainable dream”

“The oppressor must be healed as part of the process of liberating the oppressed”

“The path of liberation from addiction starts with a change of perception”

“To become free, you must first recognize your chains”

“True freedom starts with liberating your mind from false beliefs about yourself.”

“Use your God given gifts to liberate yourself and then to help liberate humanity”

“Will you replace one form of oppression with another or will you truly create liberty?”

“Women’s liberation is really about a recognition of the divine feminine”

“You can set a person free but true liberation comes from within”

“Your mind will be controlled by others until you learn to master it yourself”

“Are your laws truly liberating or creating more oppression?”

“Are you fighting to liberate the oppressed or are you fighting to create a new form of oppression?”

“Are you liberating the exploited or are you exploiting the liberated?”

“Be careful that your version of liberation is not creating more oppression”

“Most people have a broken child inside them who needs liberation”

“Liberation from oppression is meaningless without internal liberation”

“Identify the areas you are still in bondage, choose to liberate yourself from those chains”

“In the struggle for liberty, the liberation of the soul is the most important of all”

“It is my life mission to support the oppressed in their struggle for liberty.”

“It is time for the liberation of women from thousands of years of subjugation “

“Its only when you start moving forward that you recognize the things holding you back”

“Liberate your mind from self-imposed oppression “

“Liberate yourself from core beliefs that no longer serve you”

“Liberating humanity starts with the liberation of the mind”

“Liberation does not come from fighting and conquering; liberation comes from coming to a place of peace within your heart”

“Liberation from your past requires letting go of what does not belong to your future”

“Liberation of oppressed nations begins with a change in the way we see ourselves and each other”

“Liberation of women starts with men freeing themselves from all chauvinistic perceptions “

“Liberty at the expense of peace is not freedom at all”

“Mankind will soon recognize the profound liberating and healing qualities of plant medicine,”

“Many countries have been liberated only to find that evil forces have taken the place of a dictator.”

“My goal is not just to liberate a child from the clutches of a trafficker in Colombia, my mission is to help liberate the broken child inside every grown adult that is keeping them from living a life of peace and happiness”

“Personal liberation requires a conscious release of core beliefs that keep you stuck in the past.”

“Strength shields against oppression but can also create it.”

“The current trajectory of mankind leads to destruction, it can all be changed using the tools of love, empathy, forgiveness and inner peace.”

“The liberation of humanity is an attainable dream”

“The oppressor must be healed as part of the process of liberating the oppressed”

“The path of liberation from addiction starts with a change of perception”

“To become free, you must first recognize your chains”

“True freedom starts with liberating your mind from false beliefs about yourself.”

“Use your God given gifts to liberate yourself and then to help liberate humanity”

“Will you replace one form of oppression with another or will you truly create liberty?”

“Women’s liberation is really about a recognition of the divine feminine”

“You can set a person free but true liberation comes from within”

“Your mind will be controlled by others until you learn to master it yourself”

“Most people who have caused pain and trauma to others through verbal, physical or sexual abuse have trauma of their own that they need to heal through.”

“One child being sold is unacceptable, 8 million is beyond comprehension.”

“So many people grow up carrying pain from their childhood. By healing the victims, we can stop the pattern of trauma transferring.”

“A building that was damaged in a day might take years to be rebuild, the same goes with healing from trauma. Be patient and know you can recover.”

“A life spent in survival mode is not living at all. Free yourself from childhood trauma so you can truly live.”

“A spiritual connection to God is the easiest path to healing.”

“Abuse is rarely isolated to one person, there are usually many victims. Even the perpetrator was likely a victim of abuse. .”

“After you have thrown away the garbage from your past, don’t go digging through it again.”

“Almost everyone has experienced trauma, some more than others. How you respond to it determines the quality of your life.”

“An irrational reaction may be a sign of deep-rooted trauma.”

“Be compassionate when someone is triggered, it is a sign of suffering buried deep inside.”

“Be the adult who comes to the rescue of your childhood self. Heal that child and make them feel safe again.”

“Be the support others need to heal. Help them feel heard, loved and validated.”

“Begin healing by helping your younger self feel safe in your mind.”

“Children who have experienced trauma need an abundance of love and patience to help them heal.”

“Choose to heal yourself so your trauma doesn’t affect the lives of those you love the most.”

“Choose to talk about your pain to release the trauma, not to define yourself by it.”

“Continually finding fault in others is usually a sign of unresolved personal issues.”

“Create a safe, loving environment for someone to heal from their trauma.”

“Don’t carry their burden, help them release it and walk away.”

“Don’t define yourself as battered and broken. See yourself on the path of recovery and happiness.”

“Don’t judge yourself for your bruises and scars, honor yourself for surviving the hardships.”

“Don’t take the blame for what happened to you, but do take the responsibility to heal from it.”

“Don’t talk about the trauma, talk through the trauma.”

“Emotional trauma can be a deep wound that can completely heal with proper care.”

“Emotional trauma from the choices of others doesn’t mean you have lost your choice to heal from it and be happy.”

“Enduring unresolved trauma can be the hardest part of life, healing from it can be the most rewarding.”

“Feel through the pain, change the pattern of your perception.”

“Feeling responsible for the trauma someone else created in your life is choosing to carry a burden that does not belong to you.”

“Forgive others, let go of self judgement and begin the path to healing.”

“Forward is the best direction to heal from the pain.”

“Healing an emotional wound requires daily cleansing just as you would a physical wound.”

“Healing doesn’t erase the trauma; it releases you from the effect it has on your life.”

“Healing takes time, love yourself enough to walk the path to recovery.”

“Hold their hand and walk them through the pain to a place of healing.”

“Holding yourself and others to a standard of perfection will always leave you disappointed.”

“If you really understood the hardships another has endured, you would be more compassionate to all.”

“Ignoring someone else’s emotional trauma will not help heal the wounds. Love them through the healing process.”

“Irrational triggers are a sign someone has unresolved trauma, be compassionate.”

“It takes one person to break the chain of generational trauma.”

“It was someone else’s choice to cause you pain. Don’t blame yourself for being week, honor yourself for being a survivor.”

“It’s okay to cry as you heal. It is your body’s way of releasing the trauma. .”

“Listening to others will heal more trauma than talking to them.”

“Love yourself enough to choose friends who uplift you and bring you happiness.”

“Many addictions are unhealthy ways of dealing with emotional trauma.”

“Many don’t realize, their pain comes from repressed memories of childhood trauma, help them heal so they can be happy.”

“Many find it hard to relate to the trauma of a returning war veteran. Love them, be patient with them.”

“Most negative self-talk originated from negative experiences in your childhood. Now as an adult, take charge of your life by reframing those experiences and replacing the unhealthy thought patterns.”

“Now you are a survivor, tear down that wall!.”

“Once you have worked on healing yourself, your strength will be in helping others heal.”

“One child being sold is unacceptable, 8 million is unfathomable.”

“One child being sold is unacceptable, 8 million unfathomable.”

“Past pain does not have to be present pain.”

“Post traumatic stress can come from pain so deep that the conscious mind has completely blocked it.”

“Pulling the skeletons out of the closet makes them much less ominous.”

“Reframe the flashbacks, your perspective is creating the ongoing trauma.”

“Release the pain and step forward to a place of healing and love.”

“Reliving your trauma is the source of your suffering, not the trauma itself.”

“So many people were deprived of a safe, loving childhood and carry that pain throughout their lives.”

“Someone else may have made the choice that caused your pain, but you can make the choice to heal from it.”

“Sometimes past trauma carries more pain today than the day it was experienced.”

“Stop pretending, be authentically you.”

“Surround yourself with your support team as you are healing.”

“Surviving trauma means you are stronger than you believe you are.”

“Take a deep breath or yell into your pillow; ether way, just let it out.”

“The anxiety experienced on the battlefield is minimal compared to the trauma of holding onto those memories for life.”

“The battle within can be exhausting but winning the war is the only way to freedom.”

“The healing process may be painful but it will save years of suffering.”

“The heart holds onto the pain because the mind replays the trauma as if it is still happening.”

“The home should be the safest place for children but sometimes is the most traumatizing. Heal your own trauma so you can create a safe place for your children.”

“The more traumatic your experience, the longer it takes to heal. Be patient with your healing process.”

“The most difficult wounds to heal are not physical.”

“The steps to healing are learning to trust again, then learning to feel safe again.”

“The transfer of generational trauma can stop with you.”

“There are two ways to respond to trauma. You can allow the pain to keep you frozen in fear or you can choose to break free and live a life without limits.”

“There is always pain in the healing process but it is temporary.”

“There is healing power in listening to others.”

“There is nothing wrong with you, something happened to you but it does not define you.”

“Trauma from abuse will continue for many generations until one person chooses to heal and stop the transfer to their children.”

“Trauma imprints negative expectations on your subconscious mind. You can reframe the trauma and replace the negative expectations.”

“Trauma makes it difficult to have a healthy, trusting relationship because you are always in protection mode, trusting yourself is the first step to healing.”

“Trauma makes us believe we can’t trust others, learn to trust yourself and then regain that trust in others.”

“Triggers are a sign that there is still deep-rooted pain that needs to be addressed.”

“True friends will be there for every step of your healing journey.”

“We are all survivors; our scars show the battles we have fought and won.”

“When you are suffering, sometimes the hardest part of the day is just getting out of bed.”

“When you have experienced pain at the hands of another person, your subconscious mind holds onto a sense of being unsafe; learn to trust yourself and then you can begin to trust others.”

“When you suffer from PTSD, your body is in permanent fight or flight mode, expecting that you could get hurt again at any moment. You can free yourself from those feelings and learn to truly be happy again.”

“Where is the anguish coming from that fuels the addiction?.”

“You control what you hold onto, your trauma has no power other than what you give it.”

“You could do something today that would transform the life of another person.”

“You did not choose your trauma but you can choose to heal.”

“Your emotional walls may have kept you safe in the past but now you can let down the walls and embrace healing.”

“Your greatest strengths can come from healing through your trauma.”

“Your mind created walls to protect you from trauma. Now you can take down those walls that don’t serve you anymore.”

“Your recovery story will inspire others that they can follow your footsteps.”

“Your recovery will begin when you stop defining yourself based on your trauma.”

“Your trauma didn’t make you a better person, your decision to heal is what made you stronger.”

“Allow children the freedom to take risks, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.”

“Expand your mind and your heart every day.”

“When children misbehave in school, you must ask yourself what is the story behind their behavior. Many times, the real story is coming from challenges at home.”

“Children need to know they are seen; they are heard and that they matter.”

“Children will learn more from your actions than your words.”

“Choose to listen, talking never teaches you anything.”

“Create an environment allowing growth and education to happen.”

“Don’t focus on what a child will be when they grow up, focus on who they are today.”

“Education of the world will lead to prosperity for all.”

“Embrace knowledge, it will light the way.”

“Enjoy a lifetime of learning and you will never be bored.”

“Ensure your children feel your love, feel your trust and know you believe in them.”

“Every person you meet can be a teacher to you in some way.”

“Everybody starts as an amateur, be patient with yourself.”

“Great people will help others know they can achieve anything.”

“If you want to be successful in business, learn to handle rejection, learn how to sell and learn to lead from the heart.”

“If you want to change the world, teach the world, inspire the world.”

“Knowledge without change is pointless.”

“Learn from the heart, listen from the heart, lead from the heart.”

“Money can disappear, knowledge will last forever.”

“Praise your children  for who they are today rather than what you want them to become.”

“See the divinity in your children, treat them as children of God.”

“So many people are conditioned when they are young to say negative things to themselves, creating a lifetime of low self-esteem. Teach your children to love themselves by changing their negative self-talk.”

“Teach your children how to let go of finite thinking. Take them outside, look at the stars and help them understand the principle of infinite. Help them understand that nothing has to end.”

“Teach your children that they are truly a miracle, divinity in every way.”

“Teaching children to feel and give unconditional love is the most valuable thing you teach them.”

“Teaching them properly when they are young will save years of fixing things later.”

“The best leaders have learned to listen more than they speak.”

“The best return on investment will be the one you put into yourself.”

“The door to a lifetime of knowledge is waiting for you to open.”

“Through infinite love, you can develop healing power. This power can literally go out from you in a wave. You can direct it to people in your family, friends and loved ones. You can help heal the entire world.”

“You could take the easy road and be selfish, but that’s not why you are here; you are here for a great purpose.”

“Your child’s self-esteem is formed by your words and actions.”

“Your words can hurt or your words can heal.”

“Your words must come from a place of love and truth.”

“Question everything, is this someone’s opinion or is it a fact?.”

“A lack of trust will negatively effect everything in a relationship.”

“A reliable friend is a trusted friend.”

“Be open to vulnerability as you build trust.”

“Better to have a few trusted friends than a crowd of people you can’t rely on.”

“Blindly trusting is a sure way of getting hurt, let them earn your trust.”

“Build high self esteem in your children by letting them know you trust them.”

“Building trust makes everything else easier.”

“Building trust requires consistent, clear communication.”

“Building trust takes patience and transparency.”

“Carefully crafted words do not build trust, it is created by your character.”

“Choosing to be vulnerable is the first step to building trust.”

“Destroying trust can happen in seconds, rebuilding it can take years.”

“Do not freely give trust, let them earn it.”

“Every relationship requires trust in order to expand.”

“Growth comes when you face your fears and step out of your comfort zone.”

“Hate creates hate, trust creates trust, love creates love.”

“If someone can’t trust others, it may be a sign they shouldn’t be trusted.”

“If someone talks negatively about others to you, you can be assured they will talk negatively about you to others.”

“If someone tells you someone’s secret, how can you trust them to keep yours?.”

“If you can’t trust your business partner, they shouldn’t be your business partner.”

“If you can’t trust your friends, they really aren’t your friends.”

“If you can’t trust your spouse, they shouldn’t be your spouse.”

“If you can’t trust yourself, why should you expect anyone else to trust you?.”

“If you don’t trust your spouse and have to start spying on them, the relationship is already over.”

“If you want to learn to trust, first learn to be trustworthy.”

“It may take years to rebuild trust once it is broken.”

“Learn to trust people on the little things so you can begin to trust on the big things.”

“Learn to trust yourself first, then begin to trust others.”

“Learning to trust again after betrayal is a long process.”

“Little lies are a sign of bigger deceits, be sure that all your words are truthful.”

“Live a life of integrity and expect to be believed.”

“Live a life of integrity so others can trust you.”

“Looking outside yourself for the path will only lead you astray.”

“Love liberally, trust cautiously.”

“Love others infinitely, trust others sparingly.”

“Many people have a threshold of how much gain is required to get them to lie.”

“Most of all, trust your own heart, it will not be disloyal to you.”

“Mutual trust must be established for healthy business relationships.”

“Patience builds trust, recklessness destroys it.”

“The abuse of trust can devastate a relationship.”

“The backbone supporting your relationship is trust.”

“The first step to healing is trusting yourself.”

“The justification for telling a lie is always outweighed by the benefits of telling the truth.”

“The most important person to learn to trust is yourself.”

“The roots of a healthy relationship are trust, love and respect.”

“The sword of truth is always stronger than a web of lies.”

“The truth is still the truth even if you are the only one who believes it.”

“There are not special systems to create trust, it is a matter of integrity.”

“There is a difference between hearing and truly listening from the heart.”

“Trust is a mandatory ingredient in a healthy relationship.”

“Trust is a solid structure built one brick at a time.”

“Trust is based on character and integrity.”

“Trust is built with time, love and honesty.”

“Trust is much easier to preserve than it is to restore.”

“Trust is of infinite value in a happy marriage.”

“Trust is the foundation to build healthy relationships.”

“Trust someone who admits when they are wrong rather than one who never does.”

“Trust the still, small voice within and you will be led to happiness and peace.”

“Trust your conscience, that’s the only confirmation you really need.”

“Trust your heart more than your eyes and ears.”

“Trust your heart, trust your intuitions, trust God’s timing.”

“Trust your intuition first, your reason second.”

“Trust your mind and heart combination more than what you see and hear.”

“Trust yourself and your inner guidance will show you the way.”

“Trust, trust the divine plan. Trust that everything will be taken care of; trust that all the resources will be available to enable you to fulfill your mission. Trust yourself, but most of all, trust God, trust the timing.”

“When trust leaves, so does the ability to maintain a healthy relationship.”

“When truth stands in the way of political gain, trusted leadership is lost.”

“You are a human truth detector, listen to your heart.”

“You can be injured by an untrue friend more than an enemy.”

“You cannot buy trust; it can only be built.”

“Your inner voice will tell you when it’s okay to trust.”

“A healthy family encourages each other to achieve their dreams.”

“A family who keeps God at the center of their life will find peace.”

“A family will love you when you’re not lovable”

“A happy family makes a house into a home”

“A happy family means you get to give love and feel love every day “

“A healthy family allows you to be authentically yourself “

“A loving family can help heal each other”

“A spiritually aligned family will find true happiness.”

“A strong family is the foundation of a fulfilled life.”

“A successful life is a harmony between work and family. “

“All families are a little broken, but love heals all.”

“All families are dysfunctional, love each other anyway”

“Be careful throwing bricks if you live in a glass house”

“Don’t decide between your dreams and your family, live your dreams with your family.”

“Even in the dictionary, family comes before friends”

“Family comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.”

“Family is everything, all your other dreams should be centered around them.”

“Family is your inner circle that nothing can breach.”

“Family isn’t always matching genes, sometimes its matching hearts.”

“Family loves you for who you are and sees greatness in you.”

“Great accomplishments are much more fulfilling when your family is part of them.”

“Heal your family through joy and laughter.”

“Laughter is the bond of a happy family.”

“Loyalty and love are the glue that holds the family together”

“Make your family one of impenetrable strength.”

“Mutual respect, trust and unconditional love will bond your family together through all adversity.”

“Show your love and appreciation for your family every day.”

“Some families are created by chance, others are created by choice.”

“Some families are just blood related; others are connected at the soul.”

“The first step towards world peace is peace within your home”

“The joy of heaven can be found in a happy family.”

“The strongest bond holding your family together is unconditional love.”

“There is purpose in the energetic combination of the divine masculine and the divine feminine within a family unit”

“Treasure the memories with your family, they will be the most valuable parts of your life.”

“Treat your family like a friend that you don’t want to lose.”

“True friends and family will catch you when you fall and help you get up again “

“We don’t belong to each other; we choose to be together”

“When the whole world is crashing down around you, your family will be standing next to you to help you through it “

“When you choose to be in each other’s lives, you are family”

“You must let go of what is toxic to allow room for what is healthy.”

“Your family is a gift, showing up in all different kinds of wrapping paper.”

“Your family is your foundation upon which the structure of your life can be built”

“Your greatest happiness will be found within the walls of your home”

“Choose to exchange judgment for compassion.”

“Getting out of your comfort zone is an essential part of growth.”

“No matter what choices you have made in the past, you are free to make new choices today, every day, every minute, and every second.”

“Peace in your heart will help manage the chaos in the outside world.”

“Remove yourself from complaining, negative people. The toxic energy will spread like a disease.”

“Victim mentality and blame are the opposite of embracing progress. Hold on to the light of truth, love, progression, and ascension. Let go of blame, let it go, let it go.”

“A relationship with your future self requires a break-up with your past self.”

“All pain has a purpose; sometimes it’s there to humble us, sometimes it’s there to teach us patience. Sometimes the deepest pain creates the deepest love and the deepest appreciation.”

“Anger is not something that anyone has to work through, they simply need to change their view, they need to learn to trust, trust their heart.”

“As you heal and embrace the infinite love of God, your love and your healing will flow like water in all directions, touching lives, healing souls, healing bodies, healing trauma.”

“Do not judge others who choose to be miserable. Just love them. If they choose to open their hearts and feel that love, then they can embrace the happiness, and true joy that comes from personal progression.”

“First learn to control your internal world, then you will have the ability to control your external world.”

“For many of our veterans, the battle is never really over until you help them heal from the pain they carry.”

“For our soldiers, the war within continues long after the physical battle is over but, there is hope for recovery.”

“Forgiveness is for your own emotional healing, not others.”

“Happiness and personal peace are an inside job.”

“Healing and growth do not come from training people to say the same things over and over.”

“If they choose not to change, remove toxic people from your life.”

“If you want to ascend, you must release your hold upon the things that weigh you down.”

“Joyful laughter heals the soul.”

“Living a lie to make others happy will only cause pain.”

“Love the person in the mirror for all the good you do.”

“Make time for a healthy lifestyle or disease will steal your time away.”

“Move the energy, motion helps heal the body and the soul.”

“Other people’s actions toward you are a reflection of them, not you.”

“Others actions are a reflection of themselves, not you.”

“Releasing control takes courage.”

“The cure for sadness and misery is love.”

“Throughout history, people have hurt other people. Every single person on earth has hurt somebody in their life; forgive yourself for hurting them, forgive others for hurting you.”

“Trying to be perfect will only paralyze your progress.”

“When you allow others to mistreat you, you are teaching them what is acceptable.”

“Words spoken out of anger come from hate, fear and trauma. They take away from that higher vibration of love and tear down the ability to create abundance and peace.”

“You must let go of your hold on the past in order to embrace your future.”

“You will be remembered by your scars, not your medals.”

“Your body is a sanctuary, treat it with love and compassion.”

“Your deepest emotions are echoed in your inner dialogue.”

“Your forgiveness of others is not for their benefit, it’s for yours.”

“Your future self will thank you for making the decision to change today.”

“Your inner dialogue is a reflection of words you believe from those you trust.”

“Your past mistakes do not determine your future happiness.”

“Your subconscious mind feels just as much anxiety over irrational fears as it does real fears, proving it really is all in your mind.”

“The hate in your heart will destroy you faster than the things people did to create the hate.”

“The way that you treat others is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.”

“Become your own best friend and love the person in the mirror.”

“Connect with your friend to heal, connect with your family to grow, connect with your community to build, connect with the world to evolve.”

“Define value and ask what things in your life really count?.”

“Forgiveness is not for the benefit of others; forgiveness is a vital step for your own personal growth and your own personal happiness. Let go of that negative energy, that anchor that is holding you back every day.”

“How do you create an environment that inspires others to change? You do so by working on yourself first and you start with unconditional love.”

“Lead with your heart, it has an effect on all parts of your life.”

“Saying “I should’ve, could’ve, would’ve” are blaming yourself and taking away power.”

“Stand up for your convictions even when others don’t.”

“Stop “should-ing on yourself”, blaming yourself for the past doesn’t help your future.”

“Stop searching outside yourself for what has always been inside.”

“The mastery of your own mind will bring you health, happiness and peace.”

“The most important battle you will ever fight will be the one within yourself.”

“The struggle within your mind and heart is the most difficult battle but the most important.”

“There are many paths to healing and they ALL start with self-love.”

“Value yourself and value will be attracted to you.”

“We are born with unconditional love for ourselves, that was stripped from us by others who would try to lift themselves by saying hurtful things to others.”

“We overuse the term “Love heals everything.”  This is true, but it has to be deep, unconditional love, and it has to start with yourself.”

“When you begin to forgive yourself and embrace unconditional love for yourself, only then can you truly forgive others and show unconditional love for them.”

“When you let go of it all, you find out your true essence.”

“World peace will only happen once we each find peace in our own hearts.”

“You are the master of your own health; You choose your food, exercise and thoughts that lead to a healthy life.”

“You are truly infinite; your restrictions are all misperceptions.”

“You can either choose a passive role or an active role in your life.”

“Your greatest enemy isn’t external threats, it comes from your perceptions of yourself.”

“Your self-limiting beliefs are the number one thing standing between you and success.”

“Believe greatness to achieve greatness.”

“Blame and victim mentality make you feel powerless to change your situation.”

“Don’t live your life following other people’s expectations. Live your own dreams.”

“If you are capable of dreaming it, you are capable of creating it.”

“It is so important that you start paying attention to your thoughts, positive or negative. Pay attention to what’s going on in your mind every day. By paying attention, you’ll know what areas you need to work on.”

“Learn the power of thought, understand that what you focus on and what you think about truly has an effect on everything around you.”

“Life is better if you smile more and worry less.”

“Release the grip you have on your fears and allow your dreams to guide you.”

“The battleground with fear is inside the mind.”

“You can create what others believe is impossible.”

“A peaceful home is inside you.”

“All the excuses in the world will not get you any closer to achieving your dreams.”

“Annoy pessimists with your positive thinking.”

“Apologize without blame and without making excuses. Take responsibility with a commitment to change.”

“Ask for clarity, assumptions are almost always wrong.”

“Attitude and gratitude are the keys to happiness.”

“Be authentically you, your true friends will love you for who you are.”

“Be aware of all your inputs to your subconscious. This includes movies, news, social media and your conscious thoughts.”

“Believe it is possible and nothing will be impossible.”

“Believe things will go your way and the pathway will appear.”

“Cut out the word “Can’t” from your vocabulary.”

“Do what you fear and you will empower yourself.”

“Don’t be afraid of your own potential, you are greater than you can imagine.”

“Don’t try to change others, instead change yourself and create an environment that encourages others to choose to change.”

“Education is null without implementation.”

“Enjoy the journey regardless of whether you reach your destination.”

“Every lemon in your life can be turned into lemonade.”

“Every new day is worth smiling about.”

“Every obstacle you encounter can be an opportunity.”

“Face the storm, sticking your head in the sand is never the safe solution.”

“Failure is not failure unless you fail to get up again.”

“Failure is only failure when you fail to get up again.”

“Fear comes to us all, do we shy away from it or dance with it?.”

“Go on offense against negative thinking, actively replace your thoughts with something good.”

“He who has a powerful, positive impact in the most lives wins!.”

“I would rather be an inch from failure on my way to success than an inch from success on my way to failure.”

“If I am ever judging another human being, there is a 100% chance I don’t have all the facts.”

“If I am going to be a garbage man, I am going to own the dump!.”

“If you aim for the trees, you may end up in the gutter. Instead, aim for the stars.”

“In the battle of talent vs belief, belief in oneself always triumphs.”

“It’s okay to want more as long as you are grateful for what you already have.”

“Just as a single light can dispel a room of darkness, a positive thought can brighten up a mind of sorrow.”

“Let the light within your heart be brighter than all the darkness of your past.”

“Life does not have to be a struggle, that is not our purpose.”

“Negative and positive emotions both have an effect in your health.”

“Nothing notable is accomplished in one step, we must set hundreds of small achievable goals to lead us to greatness.”

“Once you become aware, you must take action. Then change will happen.”

“Our purpose is not to struggle, our purpose is to find joy.”

“Pay attention to what you say to yourself, pay attention to what you are focusing on. Are you focusing on the future that you really want or are you focusing on your fears?.”

“Peace will come when you have freed yourself from negative thinking.”

“Rip the rear-view mirror off the car of your life.”

“Self-confidence is an important factor in a successful life.”

“Show me your attitude and I’ll predict your future.”

“Strategize to handle challenges but believe in the best outcome.”

“Successful people talk about ideas and dreams.”

“Take the courage to pursue your own dreams not others’ expectations.”

“The coming chapters of your life are unwritten.”

“The direction of your life changes with every thought, every word and every action.”

“The most impactful conversations you have are the ones with yourself.”

“The most powerful lessons in life are ones you can’t learn from someone else; you must experience them yourself.”

“The most valuable piece of real estate I ever developed is the six inches between my ears.”

“The only place that fear exists is in the mind.”

“The only thing standing between you and your goals is your fear.”

“The world could be in chaos and you can find peace within your thoughts.”

“Today you could transform your life.”

“Walk a new path to a different outcome.”

“We can all replace hate with Love.”

“What goes in must come out, feed your mind with positive.”

“When you focus on the goal, the obstacles seem easier to manage .”

“Worry is interest paid in advance for a loan you may never have.”

“Worry is robbing energy from your dreams and wasting it on things you can’t control.”

“You are writing your story every day with every thought and every action.”

“You can’t think about not being negative, you have to replace it with a positive thought.”

“Your entire world will transform when you change your perspective.”

“Your inner dialogue will be the most valuable conversations you ever have.”

“Your life today is a total of the things you consistently hold in your mind.”

“Your own thoughts can be your greatest enemy or your greatest friend.”

“Your positive attitude is a magnet that attracts positive people.”

“Your quality of life based on the management of your thoughts.”

“Your reality today is a sum total of the thoughts you have embraced throughout your life.”

“Your subconscious mind picks up on everything you see and hear, it works together with your superconscious mind to give you guidance.”

“Your thoughts become your words; your words become your destiny.”

“Your vision of your life doesn’t have to be someone else’s opinions or expectations.”

“Add up the things in your life that are truly priceless and you will realize how rich you are .”

“Believe you will have an abundant life and then allow it to come.”

“Dreaming big isn’t any more difficult than thinking small. And your results will be vastly different.”

“Give abundantly and abundance will follow you.”

“Help others see a world of possibilities, that will create abundance for all.”

“Let go of what doesn’t serve you to make room for your abundant future.”

“Living an abundant life is more than money.”

“Many put so much value on worldly possessions, none of those things really matter. They are tools, they are tools that can be used to bring good or bring pain.”

“Share in the joy of the success of others, remember that we live in abundance and there is enough for everyone.”

“The greatest riches of your life have always been inside you.”

“We as a collective can create abundance for all the world by changing how we think.”

“A life of gratitude creates abundance.”

“Abundance in life starts with an abundant mindset.”

“Abundance is a full heart, not a full bank account.”

“Abundance or scarcity are both created by your belief about the world around you and your future.”

“All your wealth could be taken away and you your life can still be abundantly rich.”

“An abundance of love leads to an abundant life.”

“Be joyful for the success of others knowing that we truly live in a world of abundance.”

“Being generous is showing that you have faith in a world of abundance.”

“Build your life on a creative plane, not a competitive plane.”

“Embrace the peaceful knowledge that everything is possible.”

“Find an occupation that fulfills you, then you will truly have abundance.”

“Having an abundance mindset leads to true win-win agreements in business and in life.”

“Infinite abundance comes from within.”

“Infinite love creates abundance.”

“Man is that he might have joy and Joy comes from growth and progression and productivity.”

“Mental rehearsal of a life of abundance will attract it every time.”

“Peace will come when people understand that we live in a world of abundance and that working together we can create abundance for all.”

“Scarcity mentality leads to business transactions in which somebody has to lose.”

“Teach abundance by helping people see their unlimited potential.”

“When you feel deep love and deep compassion, for yourself and others, it will be more beautiful than all the riches of the world.”

“Your search for abundance starts and ends inside your mind.”

“Your self-worth is a greater treasure than your net worth.”

“Courage can be quiet and power comes from peace.”

“Embrace your gifts and show the world your magic.”

“Is fear standing between you and your dreams?.”

“Your goals are just dreams until you write them down and take action.”

“A big dream and a clear vision will generate all the energy you need to accomplish it.”

“A perfect plan that is never executed is not any better than no plan at all.”

“A persistent attitude will always persevere.”

“A tree grows against gravity, a diamond is formed under pressure.”

“A tree takes years to bear fruit, be patient with your goals.”

“Add value to the lives of every person you meet.”

“As a family we can change lives, as a community we can change our surroundings, as a global collective, we can change the world.”

“At the end of the day, cherish the progress.”

“Change your vocabulary from the word failure to learning opportunity.”

“Changing your perception will transform your world.”

“Collective Consciousness Can Create Colossal Change.”

“Create value for the world around you and success will appear.”

“Create value in the lives of others and your success will come to you.”

“Decide what you should have been and begin today to make it your future.”

“Deep character is created in your greatest challenges.”

“Do a little bit every day to move you towards your dreams.”

“Don’t allow your accomplishments to inflate your ego and don’t allow your failures lower your confidence.”

“Don’t be discouraged, every failure means you’re one step closer to victory.”

“Don’t blame your circumstances, take control of your life.”

“Don’t just play to win, practice to win.”

“Don’t let the negative thoughts and words of others affect your vision of yourself.”

“Don’t let your fears stop you, let your dreams lead you.”

“Don’t settle for the status quo, set a higher standard.”

“Dreamers who choose to take action will always come out on top.”

“Dreaming without hard work is just wishful thinking.”

“Dreams without courage are empty wishes.”

“Dwelling on your past takes away from focus on your future.”

“Education can win the war on poverty.”

“Embrace the joy of success and be grateful for the lessons learned on the journey.”

“Embrace the power of synergy in your life, teamwork multiplies your effectiveness.”

“Every failure is part of your path to success.”

“Every person has greatness inside; you just need to find motivation to achieve it.”

“Every person you meet can share something incredible with you.”

“Every successful person you know, has 24 hours in their day.”

“Experience is a great teacher but learning from someone else’s experience is a better teacher because it can save you time and money.”

“Failure is never final unless you fail to try again.”

“Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of the road to success.”

“Fate is only a concern when you do nothing, taking action will help direct your life.”

“Find the patience of a river knowing eventually it will reach its destination.”

“Find your limits so you can surpass them.”

“Focus your energy toward worthwhile goals and dreams.”

“Focused thought tied to emotion can create your dreams and goals.”

“Forgiveness brings peace to yourself and the person you forgive.”

“Free the mind, then free the heart.”

“Goal setting and visualization without putting in the work is just wishful thinking.”

“Hell is when the man I am comes face to face with the man I could have become.”

“How many things in your life today seemed impossible hundred years ago?.”

“I don’t accept failure; I ether succeed or I learn from my mistakes.”

“I know very few successful pessimists.”

“If you don’t set clear specific goals, you’ll get nowhere with amazing accuracy.”

“If you’re going to reach your goals anyway, why not set them high?.”

“In the darkest times, remember your light within is infinite.”

“In the game of life, show up and play to win.”

“Inspiring others through believing in them will light a flame that will grow forever.”

“It’s always your choice to stay where you are or move forward.”

“It’s easier to win the race if you start early, begin today.”

“It’s okay to fail, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure.”

“Learn from your mistakes or you are likely to repeat them.”

“Let go of what is average so you can take hold of what is great.”

“Liberate yourself from the chains of addiction.”

“Liberate yourself from the chains of anxiety.”

“Liberate yourself from the chains of depression.”

“Liberate yourself from the chains of fear.”

“Liberate yourself from the chains of generational abuse.”

“Liberate yourself from the chains of judgement.”

“Liberate yourself from the chains of negative self-talk.”

“Liberate yourself from the chains of regret.”

“Liberate yourself from the chains of self-doubt.”

“Liberate yourself from the chains of worry.”

“Liberate yourself from the chains of your past.”

“Life is progression, look forward to creating even more tomorrow.”

“Live life with a win-win-win attitude.”

“Lots of small things pile up to make great things happen.”

“Love can heal even the most broken soul.”

“Loving your friends is easy, loving your enemies is hard but will teach you unconditional love.”

“Make the decision that the best part of your life is still to come.”

“Most people follow leaders who chose to follow their dreams.”

“Move so fast you can’t even hear the critics.”

“My friend James said: Faith without works is dead (James 2:26).”

“Negative self-talk is not humility, humility is a deep love and respect for God.”

“Once you understand we are all connected, you won’t try to do anything by yourself.”

“Once your goals start manifesting themselves, you’ll wish you were more specific.”

“One person with commitment can change the future.”

“Opinions of others about you are irrelevant, the only thing that matters is what you think of yourself.”

“Opportunities rarely show up on a silver platter.”

“Passion is the energy on your path to success.”

“Patient consistency will always triumph .”

“People are working so hard to change the world around them when all they really need to do is change the world within them.”

“People may think you had overnight success but they did not see the years of hard work that lead to it.”

“Plant a tree today to be enjoyed by future generations.”

“Power comes from a united purpose.”

“Predicting your life is easy, decide exactly what you want and then take action.”

“Prepare yourself now for the opportunities in your future.”

“Problems continue to reappear until you learn the lesson they are supposed to teach you.”

“Provide value to the world and the world will provide value to you.”

“Push through your limits to discover your unlimited potential.”

“Remove the words impossible and can’t from your vocabulary.”

“Self-doubt is the only thing that stands between you and your dreams.”

“Setting clear goals will bring your future into focus.”

“Some of life’s most valuable lessons come from failures.”

“Sometimes opportunity knocks quietly, listen.”

“Speak your truth and let the world feel your heart.”

“Start by loving yourself, then your family, then your neighbors, then love the world.”

“Stop worrying about what people think about you, your thoughts are the only ones that count.”

“Success is hard, but so is living a life of regret.”

“Success is not your final destination, it’s just another stepping stone in this journey of life.”

“Success is the ability to stay grounded as you reach for the stars.”

“Success magically appears when you are enjoying the journey.”

“Success while hurting others is not success at all.”

“The greater the challenge, the more the growth.”

“The greatest secret of all time is that our thoughts can direct the universe and form our future.”

“The keys to success are attitude, persistence and unwavering faith.”

“The pathway to success is never a straight path, there are always twists and turns.”

“The persistent influence of the river always wins against the stubbornness of the rock.”

“The quality of tomorrow is greatly affected by your decisions today.”

“The realist inside me said it was impossible, so I decided not to listen to him.”

“The road to success is filled with potholes and bumps, it is never a well paved road.”

“The second you commit, the forces of the universe come together to form the reality of your dream.”

“The smallest spark can light the brightest flame.”

“The springtime of your life is here, time to blossom.”

“The surest way to miss the target is never taking the shot.”

“There’s no such thing as pessimistic faith.”

“They will judge you either way, that’s because they weren’t willing to even try.”

“They will see your success not knowing all the failures it took to get there.”

“Transforming your life will never happen if you stay in your comfort zone.”

“Unity creates synergy, synergy creates strength.”

“Wealth made without integrity is damaging to the soul.”

“What things will you wish tomorrow that you had started today?.”

“Whatever you can imagine is truly a possibility.”

“When people throw sticks and stones, use them to build your character.”

“When you are at the lowest point, the only direction to go is up.”

“When you are setting goals, someday is not a date.”

“Work alone if you must, work together when you can.”

“Working alone will never be as productive as coordinated teamwork.”

“Worry is a useless expenditure of energy and emotion.”

“Yes, you can change the world, but you must start with yourself.”

“Yesterday is gone, be finished with it.”

“You are already the star of your own movie.”

“You are in total control of your inner dialogue.”

“You can change the path of your life with one decision.”

“You can truly love others once you have learned to love yourself.”

“You lose your focus on the future when you are always looking at the past.”

“You only fail if you fail to learn something from it.”

“You will miss 100% of goals you never set.”

“You will never discover the path to success if you’re staying within your comfort zone.”

“Your decisions won’t always be right but if you learn from the mistakes, you will always keep growing.”

“Your example to your children speaks louder than your words.”

“Your greatest reward for working towards your dreams is not the money, it’s the lessons you learn on the journey.”

“Your life will make an impact, you decide what kind and how big.”

“Your mind can be your worst adversary or your greatest ally.”

“As you start to notice to your blessings, you will create more.”

“Be as grateful for the rain as you are the sun.”

“Be grateful for the bad things in your life that led you to the good.”

“Be grateful for the little things, some day you will realize they are the big things.”

“Be grateful for the sunrise and the new beginning it symbolizes in your life.”

“Feel gratitude for the sunset and all you enjoyed throughout the day.”

“Find gratitude for everything contained in the present moment.”

“Genuine gratitude helps to reduce stress and overcome fear.”

“Gratitude for your future dissolves fear and accelerates your dreams.”

“Thank every step forward for progressing you towards your goals.”

“When nothing seems to be working out, find gratitude in the little things that are.”

“An abundant future sprouts from gratitude for the present moment.”

“Appreciate what others give and share your gratitude with them.”

“Appreciate what you have and you will create more.”

“Are you taking life for granted? Or, do you see everything with a sense of gratitude?.”

“As you feel gratitude for all you have, you will realize that you receive much more than you give.”

“As you partake of your next meal, be grateful for the farmer who planted the food.”

“As you visualize your future, don’t forget to be grateful for where you are.”

“Be grateful for all the abundance in your life now and it will attract more.”

“Be grateful for every experience, positive or negative.”

“Be grateful for everything you have and you will live a life of abundance.”

“Be grateful that some thorns have roses.”

“Be thankful for the things you think you deserve as well as the gifts that you didn’t.”

“Cherish those who are grateful for you, and be grateful for those who cherish you.”

“Comfort comes from finding gratitude in everything.”

“Disappointment is replaced with joy when you see it through the lens of gratitude.”

“Everything in your life will seem as a miracle when you see it with gratitude.”

“Express gratitude for all the experiences in your life.”

“Expressing gratitude in all things will create miracles in your life.”

“Focus on the good in your life and that gratitude will attract more of it.”

“Future abundance starts with gratitude today.”

“Gratefulness for what you have creates abundance.”

“Gratitude feeds you; envy eats you.”

“Gratitude for the glass half full will bring more joy than frustration for the glass half empty.”

“Gratitude for the good people in your life will attract more of the same.”

“Gratitude for the life you live brings happiness, let go of what might have been.”

“Gratitude for your future is the purest form of faith.”

“Gratitude for your life now, grounds you to the present.”

“Gratitude in your heart creates an abundant life.”

“Gratitude takes less energy than greed and it feels so much better.”

“Joy in everything is created by feeling gratitude.”

“Life will be sufficient in all ways when you learn to appreciate the little things.”

“Memories stored in a grateful heart bring joy.”

“Most people fall to their knees only when they are in despair or great need. Why not make a habit of falling to your knees in gratitude.”

“Others were a big part of your success, give credit to everyone who was part of your journey.”

“See the beauty in everything in life and soon you will be surrounded with beauty.”

“Some of the greatest blessings come from not getting what you want.”

“Start every conversation with gratitude and recognize people for the good they do.”

“The best way to keep from being overwhelmed with life is to be overwhelmed with gratitude.”

“The first words you should learn when visiting a country are “Thank you”.”

“The greatest joy in your journey is found within the feeling of gratefulness.”

“The happiest people you know are those who have embraced gratitude in their lives.”

“The path to happiness is built upon the foundation of a grateful heart.”

“The seed of a happy life grows within a grateful heart.”

“The thing that separates entitled children from humble ones is gratitude.”

“The two most important things to say in a prayer are the words “Thank You”.”

“We can gain clarity of our past by seeing through the lens of gratitude.”

“Without appreciation for what you have, it will be difficult to attract what you want.”

“You will always be able to find something in your life to be thankful for.”

“You will find true fulfillment in life as you express gratitude for every moment.”

“Your connection to the God starts with deep gratitude.”

“Your past is behind you, tomorrow hasn’t arrived, be grateful for today.”

“Are you focusing on the dreams and goals of your future or are you focusing on the things you regret in your past?.”

“Success is much easier when you have a clear vision of where you are going.”

“Thoughts tied to powerful emotion create.”

“You can’t change the past but you can begin today to change everything going forward.”

“Your vision of your future becomes your future.”

“Achieving your vision begins when you write it down.”

“Almost everything you are experiencing today is a result of the thoughts you have maintained throughout your life.”

“Chose to honor your vision by saying “No” to anything that is not in alignment.”

“Clear, directed thoughts combined with inspired action create your future.”

“Confidence in your dreams brings them to realization in your life.”

“Don’t allow your doubts to stand in the way of your dreams.”

“Don’t be surprised when your thoughts begin to manifest in your life.”

“Don’t beg for what you hope for, instead have unwavering faith that it is already part of your life.”

“Don’t just visualize your goals coming in the future, imagine they are already in your life today.”

“Emotionally charged thought always generates energy to set into motion your desires.”

“Focused energy will create more change than unbridled power.”

“Gratitude for what you have will always attract more of the same.”

“Guard your thoughts carefully, they will direct your future.”

“Having a clear vision of where you want to go is the first step of achievement.”

“If you can imagine it in the mind, your physical reality will transform to match it.”

“If you choose it, your life without limits starts today.”

“Imagine it, believe it, feel it and achieve it.”

“In creating your future, emotions are the power behind your thoughts.”

“Indecision is the thief of your dreams, decide today exactly what you want.”

“It doesn’t take years to change your future, you can see change immediately by choosing now by changing your thoughts and energetic vibration attracting those things into your life.”

“Life is a continual experience of emotions and thoughts created by your past and directing your future.”

“Love yourself enough to ask for what you want, everything you can imagine can be yours.”

“Make happiness and love your primary intentions and life will be truly fulfilled.”

“Negative thinking creates negative outcomes just as positive thinking creates positive outcomes.”

“People who are the hardest to help are the ones who choose to be broken.”

“Plant seeds of hope, light and love and see your life in full bloom.”

“Poverty is not created by absence of resources, it’s an absence of vision.”

“Put emotion into your manifestation by envisioning with clarity and speaking about your goals with passion.”

“Remove doubt and believe you will have the future of your dreams.”

“The energy it takes to visualize big goals is the same as it takes to dream small. You can choose your future today by simply choosing what you want it to be.”

“The greatest secret to success is the fact that thoughts become things.”

“Thought tied to emotion creates that which you desire.”

“Today is the starting point for the rest of your life, confidently choose exactly where you want to go and you will get there.”

“Unconditional love combined with unwavering faith is the foundation for the law of creation.”

“Verbalize what you visualize until you experience what you imagine.”

“Visualize your life of happiness and prosperity and you will attract it.”

“What if your life was simply a projection of your thoughts, how easy it would be to change it?.”

“What you confidently expect and believe will be what you receive.”

“What you truly believe will be what you manifest.”

“Where your heart is, your life will follow.”

“Wishing for something is not enough, you must confidently believe it.”

“Worry is actually manifesting the things you don’t want in your life.”

“Write down what you want, visualize it and then don’t be surprised when you get it.”

“You already have the power to accomplish your dreams, you just have to believe it.”

“You are creating positive or negative in your life every day by what you give your attention to.”

“You must be completely clear about what you want and the universe will deliver every time.”

“Your chosen vibrational energy will attract everything you really desire in your life.”

“Your confidence in any situation are the emotional thoughts that will direct the outcome.”

“Your confidence in your dreams will determine how likely it is you will achieve them.”

“Your faith in miracles is the power that brings them into your life.”

“Your feelings will attract the people and circumstances into your life to manifest your dominant thoughts.”

“Your future is not left up to chance, it is literally your choice.”

“Your life today is everything you are tuning in to, if you don’t like the programming, change the channel.”

“Your mind is a magnet, attracting everything you desire.”

“Your mind is the starting point of all things involving your future.”

“Your reality today is your own creation from years of thoughts, words and actions.”

“Your thoughts create your future, imagine it in your mind and it will appear in your life.”

“Your thoughts have a direct impact on your life, remember it’s your life that you are changing, not others.”

“Your thoughts motivate your actions which create your reality.”

“Your vision of your future will set a direct course for your life.”

“Your wishes won’t direct your life but your beliefs will.”

“A kiss connects your souls through the essence of your breath.”

“A soul mate is a reflection of yourself, become the person you would want to be with.”

“A true soulmate feels like you are one soul in two people.”

“All that you are is all I have ever dreamed of.”

“Allow my love in to heal the deep pain from within.”

“Beauty can fade, love can last forever.”

“Conditional love is not God’s love.”

“Don’t die before I do, I don’t want to live one day without you next to me.”

“Even before we met, I loved you, I knew you, I felt your love looking for me.”

“Every day of my life with you has been a priceless treasure.”

“Every minute with you in my arms is the best moment of my life.”

“Every person is weird in some way, true love is when your oddities are able to dance.”

“Every thought of you makes my heart skip a beat.”

“Find a person who you can be with every day, that is your perfect match.”

“How many days are there in eternity? That’s how long I will love you.”

“I am yours and you are mine, that is truly heaven on earth.”

“I give you all of my heart, my life, my love.”

“I love that you know my flaws and love me anyway.”

“I need you like a child needs ice cream.”

“I only thought this kind of love was in fairytale movies.”

“I realized you weren’t perfect and it made me love you more than ever.”

“I see the best part of my future when I look into your eyes.”

“I thought you were perfect when I met you, that hasn’t changed.”

“I told you I loved you once, if anything changes, I’ll be sure to let you know LOL.”

“I want the last thought before I go to sleep to be about you.”

“I will forever tell you of my love as my heart will never stop caring.”

“I wish there were stronger words to share the feeling of love I have for you.”

“If everyone in the world forgot about me except you, I would still be so happy.”

“If I lost you, I would spend my whole life searching to find this love again.”

“If I only had one thought, it would be loving you.”

“If you counted my love with drops of water, you would see the whole ocean.”

“If you withhold your love until you find the perfect person, you will die lonely.”

“In a world of beautiful people, you are the only one I see.”

“It is better to love knowing it may not last than to not experience the love at all.”

“Let the pain of lost love strengthen your ability to love deeper.”

“Living one lifetime with you makes me yearn for eternity together.”

“Lost love only hurts when you don’t believe you can have something better.”

“Love is the first sunrise and the last sunset and everything in between.”

“Love is walking the path of life together.”

“Love will keep you on your toes.”

“Make her feel safe and she will be able to share that love in return.”

“My favorite sound of all is your voice saying I love you.”

“My greatest dream is and always will be, you.”

“My greatest dream is to have all my future dreams be with you.”

“My heart will never be the same now that it has felt your love.”

“My love for you is brighter than any dark days ahead of us.”

“My love for you is more stable than any differences we could ever have.”

“My love for you is stronger than any disagreements in our future.”

“My love is more than words can express, deeper than any feeling I have ever had.”

“My soul and your soul were always meant to be united.”

“My soul is inseparably connected to yours.”

“My visions of the future are making memories with you.”

“Never have I felt a love like the one I feel from you.”

“Not just one in a million, you are one in infinity to me.”

“Nothing feels more at home than when I am in your arms.”

“Nothing short of a miracle brought us together, therefore nothing can tear us apart.”

“Our love is more than words can describe, it is an infinite, divine connection.”

“Take my hand and walk through this beautiful journey of life together.”

“The ability to listen will win over your girl faster than any words.”

“The flame of your love will ignite my heart forever.”

“The one thing I want to hold onto in this life is you.”

“The path of love is beautiful especially when it is walked together.”

“The second I saw you, my heart leaped and said, there you are.”

“The version of me I always dreamed of is appearing because of you.”

“Through love, you begin to feel the connection we have to each other.”

“To say you are everything to me is an understatement.”

“Try to understand your spouse; when that fails, just love them.”

“Two is always better than one when love is involved.”

“Unconditional love is wishing someone happiness with or without you.”

“We are both better because we chose to be together.”

“We did not decide on our love, it was destiny.”

“When I realized you weren’t perfect, I was grateful we are so alike.”

“When you are in love, every day is a dream come true.”

“When you came into my life, I realized I never really felt love before.”

“When you can be stupid and loved anyway, you have found your soulmate.”

“When your favorite hobbies don’t take center stage any more, you know you’re in love.”

“Words do not have to be exchanged for love to communicate.”

“Yes, your heart may be broken again, but it’s better than living without the joy of love.”

“Yesterday, I didn’t think I could love you any more, then today happened.”

“You are the missing piece of my heart I have been searching for.”

“You cannot see love, but the feeling is undeniable.”

“You complete every missing part of my life.”

“You embody all the dreams, thoughts and feelings of my life.”

“You knocked on the door of my heart, I opened and your love flooded in.”

“Your heart completes my love story.”

“Your imperfections are perfect to me.”

“Your love for me makes me want to be better than I ever imagined I could be.”

“Your love is the greatest gift God has ever given me.”

“Your love makes me want to be better in every way.”

“Your smile is the closest thing to heaven I have ever seen.”

“A genuine hug at the right time could literally save someone’s life.”

“The darkest hour can end with a beam of light, the deepest wound can heal with the power of love.”

“Understand that every person you meet, you will have an impact in their life, and they will have an impact in others. This is the nature of eternity. This is what infinite is.”

“You attract love into your life by giving love.”

“A father shows his strength through compassion and through love.”

“A father would put his own life at risk for the protection of his family.”

“A loving heart is the most powerful healer.”

“Allow love to fill in the cracks of a broken heart.”

“Allow yourself to feel the love of others by first believing you are worthy of that love.”

“Anger and hatred can only heal through love.”

“Anger can only heal through love.”

“Another word for peace is just unconditional love.”

“Choose every day to simply love.”

“Conditional love is based on judgement, unconditional love is acceptance.”

“Develop an infinite, unconditional love for yourself, then you will be able to truly love others.”

“Do not put value upon things that deteriorate or can be stolen. Value those things money can’t buy.”

“Don’t allow the fear of pain to prevent you from feeling love.”

“Don’t remove a fly from your friend’s forehead using an axe.”

“Education may divide us but love can unite us.”

“Embrace childlike love, childlike creativity and childlike faith.”

“Even time cannot contain love.”

“Everything that teaches to do good is rooted in love.”

“Evil will fall, truth will prevail, love is the key.”

“Fear closes in, love opens up.”

“Fear produces more fear, love produces more love.”

“Feeling God’s infinite love will guide you thought the toughest times.”

“Gender may divide us but love can unite us.”

“God knew I needed you, because of that, I am truly grateful.”

“God’s love extends far beyond any rational understanding.”

“God’s love is stronger than pain, fear and even death.”

“Hate leads to pain but love leads to healing.”

“Hatred can only heal through love.”

“Hold onto love and it will make the journey of life so much sweeter.”

“I believe in you, I respect you, I honor you, I love you.”

“I believe that every difficult, unkind person can heal through love.”

“I love me and therefore I can truly love you.”

“I see you; I honor you; I love you for all that you are.”

“I see your perfections through your imperfections.”

“I would rather be hated for doing what is right than to be loved for doing what is wrong.”

“Ideals may divide us but love can unite us.”

“If you would die for someone, choose to live for them.”

“If your love is conditional then it’s not truly infinite love.”

“Infinite love has no end and no boundaries.”

“Infinite love is recognizing the divine nature of every person.”

“Infinite love may be ignored but it is eternal and cannot be destroyed.”

“Instead of a love story with a happy ending, make yours a happily ever after.”

“Learn to heal and release your burdens so you can effectively help others.”

“Learning to love isn’t hard; not loving yourself is what makes life difficult.”

“Let all your actions, words and thoughts be centered in love.”

“Limitless love is already part of your life.”

“Look at what things you love and you will know your true character.”

“Love can break down the walls we place around ourselves.”

“Love can heal the divisions we have created with each other.”

“Love can heal this world; in fact, it is the only thing that can.”

“Love can turn the tide on the destruction of our earth.”

“Love cannot be forced, it flows freely from a devoted heart.”

“Love every person in your life as well as those who are not.”

“Love extends from the beginning of the first star to the end of the farthest universe.”

“Love gives someone the strength to work through their challenges.”

“Love God, love your neighbor and love yourself.”

“Love in the present moment transcends all time and space.”

“Love is a much lighter load to carry than that of hate and fear.”

“Love is a powerful healer, both for the giver and the receiver.”

“Love is accepting that you don’t always have to be right.”

“Love is being willing to sincerely say you’re sorry even if you think you were right.”

“Love is giving up the façade and being authentic.”

“Love is more than everything, it is the only thing.”

“Love is much more than words can describe, it is all encompassing.”

“Love is never ending, without beginning and without end.”

“Love is not an action; it is a deep emotional bond that connects all things.”

“Love is not logic, it is pure emotion.”

“Love is one of the few things in this life that is truly infinite.”

“Love is the greatest example of synergy, the multiplying effect is infinite.”

“Love is the life breath of the spiritual revolution.”

“Love is the most powerful cure to any suffering.”

“Love others without boundaries, limits or conditions.”

“Love others without expectation of anything in return, it will heal your heart even if it is not reciprocated.”

“Love people for who they are, don’t force them to change.”

“Love really is the answer, you can’t overstate its power.”

“Love requires constant nourishment to flourish.”

“Love shows up in places you never expected.”

“Love them unconditionally, regardless of their imperfections.”

“Love truly does heal, it’s not just a metaphor.”

“Love yourself first, then you will feel the love coming from outside yourself.”

“Love yourself first, then you will have the capacity to truly love others.”

“Loving more will never set you back.”

“Loving unconditionally is not expecting anything in return.”

“Loving with conditions is not love at all, love unconditionally.”

“Loving yourself is not a sin, hating yourself is.”

“Make your life a love story that never ends.”

“Never underestimate the power of a genuine hug.”

“Nobody in the universe deserves love any more than you.”

“Peace starts from within and then spreads to the world around us.”

“Peace will come when we all learn to love and accept one another.”

“People need 12 hugs a day for growth, give them 20!.”

“Plant seeds of love, harvest a life of joy.”

“Politics may divide us but love can unite us.”

“Race may divide us but love can unite us.”

“Religion may divide us but love can unite us.”

“Remember that loving yourself is part of the two great commandments.”

“Remember to love yourself and everything else will work out.”

“See the significance in all people, that is love.”

“Show your love daily through your actions, words and your thoughts.”

“Sometimes the most compassionate thing you can do is to let go.”

“Teach them grammar in school, teach them love at home.”

“Teach them math in school, teach them love at home.”

“Teach them physics in school, teach them love at home.”

“Teach them science in school, teach them love at home.”

“The amount of love that can be transmitted from the heart is immeasurable.”

“The best way to learn to love is to change how you see others.”

“The energetic exchange of a loving embrace carries healing power.”

“The expression of love is in kindness.”

“The gift of love is one that will outlast all the treasures of earth.”

“The love of my heart is unrestricted for you to enjoy throughout all eternity.”

“The media may divide us but love can unite us.”

“The more you serve others, the greater you will feel the infinite love of God.”

“The most important lesson you can lean is how to feel and express unconditional love.”

“The most powerful healing tool on earth is the human heart.”

“The most valuable thing you can teach your children is how to love themselves unconditionally.”

“The only thing you should make someone do is laugh.”

“The only way to hold onto love is to give it away.”

“The power of unconditional love can help you overcome any difficulties.”

“The things do you set your heart upon determine your character.”

“The things that hold our heart create our character.”

“The three most powerful words to heal are I love you.”

“The world just needs love, and less greed.”

“The world just needs love, and less judgement.”

“The world just needs love, and less pride.”

“The world just needs love, and less racial division.”

“The world just needs love, and less selfishness.”

“The world just needs love, and less social media.”

“There are no limits to the love I feel in my heart.”

“There is no conceivable end to the love I choose to give you.”

“There is no way to contain infinite love, it has no boundaries.”

“There would be no need for commandments and laws if everyone understood love.”

“To be loved or famous, I’ll take true love.”

“To love and be loved is life’s greatest gift.”

“To open up your heart is to be vulnerable, but that is the only path to love.”

“True love cannot be created, true love will unexpectedly appear.”

“True love is when you can share your naked soul without embarrassment.”

“Trust conservatively, love liberally.”

“Trust that love will heal all.”

“Unconditional love for yourself does not compare yourself to others.”

“Unfortunately, the most important things in life are not taught in schools.”

“War may divide us but love can unite us.”

“We all need love, we all have love, we just need to let it in.”

“We can completely disagree and still love each other.”

“We don’t have to share the same country to share love and respect.”

“We don’t have to share the same education to share love and respect.”

“We don’t have to share the same ideals to share love and respect.”

“We don’t have to share the same philosophy to share love and respect.”

“We don’t have to share the same politics to share love and respect.”

“We don’t have to share the same religion to share love and respect.”

“We may be different in every way and still show love one to another.”

“When you don’t feel deserving of love, you reject it.”

“When your happiness is beautifully connected to someone else, you know love.”

“Words carry power, ensure yours are centered in love.”

“You are worthy of love regardless of who you are or what you do.”

“You deserve to feel loved, not only from others but especially from yourself.”

“You don’t have to find a reason to love someone, love unconditionally.”

“You don’t need someone else to make you whole; With or without a partner, you are sufficient.”

“You may see yourself as imperfect, that’s not what I see.”

“You must know you are deserving of love, then you can begin to accept it.”

“You never know when someone is holding onto pain, treat everyone with love.”

“You never lose love by giving it away, the act of giving love increases your capacity to love more.”

“You reap what you sow, plant seeds of love, get a harvest of love.”

“Your actions are so loud, nobody can hear what you are saying.”

“Your greatest peace will come when you have developed unconditional love.”

“Your heart will see what your eyes can not.”

“Your intuition is guided by love.”

“Your life is worth living, your soul is worth loving.”

“Your love and influence can be shared like a flame that continues to light the flame of others hearts.”

“Your love brings out the best part of me that I thought was lost.”

“Your most valuable possessions are the love in your heart and the peace in your mind.”

“Do not let your logical mind speak louder than your heart and the light inside of you.”

“Our oneness with each other is held together by compassion and love.”

“So many people are lost; they’re lost because they have been taught to hate, they are lost because they have been taught judgment, they are lost because they have been taught fear.”

“The light within you is brighter than you know.”

“There’s intelligence everywhere, not only animals and plants, there is also intelligence within water, rocks and even light. Everything in the universe is connected in ways we cannot see.”

“You are connected to the entire universe through an unseen power.”

“Your spiritual connection to everyone and everything means you are never alone.”

“A deeper understanding of your spiritual path will only appear when you truly surrender.”

“All that is required to conquer fear is a choice to replace it with faith.”

“Allow intuition and inspiration to lead you to a life of true fulfillment.”

“An animal’s instinct is part of the intuitive guidance inside all living things.”

“Connecting to other people is as sacred as connecting to God.”

“Don’t just have compassion for those you see suffering, have empathy for the suffering you don’t see.”

“Everything is connected in ways beyond our understanding.”

“Feel your connection to everything; See yourself in everyone you meet and the world around you.”

“It takes true courage to be vulnerable and surrender to God.”

“Learn to let go of all things that are not infinite. There is no end to time. There is no end to loving relationships. There is no end to progression.”

“Let every word come from a place of truth.”

“Meditation connects you with the light of truth within your heart, it helps you quiet the mind so you can truly listen to intuitive guidance.”

“Miracles are not just things you can’t explain.”

“More powerful and clearer than your intellect is the spirit of truth within your heart.”

“Peace in the mind comes from solace in the heart.”

“See the divine light in every person you meet.”

“Start your day with a prayer and hold the prayer in your heart all day.”

“Stop focusing on the life after death when you haven’t mastered the life before death.”

“The divine guidance that dwells in every person is the purest form of wisdom and truth.”

“The light of truth within you is connected to infinite intelligence, trust it above any other source of knowledge.”

“The pathway to inner peace and love is vulnerability and surrendering to God.”

“The road ahead of you is illuminated by the light of your soul.”

“The temple within your soul is the most sacred of all.”

“Those who fear death somehow believe it is the end.”

“We are all connected and all united heart to heart to heart.”

“You are divinity in a mortal body.”

“You are truly infinite; your limits are all self-imposed.”

“You don’t have to embark on a spiritual journey, your entire life already is this journey.”

“Your body is a temple where you learn your true divinity.”

“Your gift to God is how you use the gifts He has given you.”

“Your spiritual connection to the rest of humanity is that of oneness.”

“Music is proof enough of divinity.”

“The voice of God can be as soft as a whisper, learn to feel and recognize truth.”

“A connection to God is essential to healing.”

“Everybody worships, the question is what you worship.”

“Faith in God creates accountability.”

“Feel and recognize that you are divinely guided.”

“God doesn’t love us for being good, his love makes us good.”

“God gave you one mouth and two ears, that’s the ratio you should be using them.”

“God is not a religion.”

“God is not a tyrant that you need to get approval from, His love is truly infinite.”

“God will soften the hearts of your enemies, heal them with love just as you help heal the rest of the world with love.”

“God’s love always triumphs.”

“Have faith in a certain God as you walk into an uncertain future.”

“I don’t fear evil people, what I fear are people who believe they are good and that their God will reward them for hurting others.”

“I’m pretty sure my life is on God’s top things to watch under the genre of comedy.”

“If God is in Heaven, then Heaven is closer than you think.”

“Intimacy needs to be honored as sacred. Anything that we do as a society to darken the divinity of this celestial tool will inevitably lead to the abuse of this power.”

“Jesus’s gospel is centered in love and an understanding that there is divine light in every soul.”

“Look at every person with Christ-like love. Even those who would try to use you, even those who don’t understand you, even those who are tied to their own ideologies, love them all.”

“Make prayer a priority and then you will have time for everything else.”

“Many people mistake faith as asking God for something they don’t believe will happen.”

“Prayer does not change God, it changes you.”

“Prayer should be filled with love and gratitude, not words.”

“The most peaceful rest will be in God.”

“The search for God doesn’t have to extend any farther than your heart.”

“There is nothing God’s love cannot heal.”

“Those who are without God only have to look within.”

“True happiness comes from living a Christ centered life.”

“When God is on your side, it is irrelevant who tries to oppose you.”

“When you recognize that God is within, you will never feel alone again.”

“With God as your teammate, never fear the opponent.”

“You are divinely connected to God. Feel the energy of all creation flowing through you.”

“Your best is sufficient, God will handle the rest.”

“Your deepest despair is when God’s love shines brightest.”

“Your emotions may fluctuate but God’s love does not.”

“Your lack of worshiping God will not lessen His Love.”

“Your true identity is one who is loved by God.”

“Holding grudges gets heavy, let them go.”

“Holding grudges only gets heavier over time.”

“No matter how dark your past, your future can be filled with light.”

“Your happiness is directly affected by your thoughts.”

“A rich heart is more valuable than a rich relative.”

“Be kind without expectations of anything in return.”

“Be the blessing to receive the blessing.”

“Change yourself and then the world around you will transform.”

“Choose your own path, stop comparing yourself to others.”

“Choose your words carefully, they influence everyone in some way.”

“Does being happy make your smile or does smiling make you happy?.”

“Don’t let the darkness of your past take away from the light of your future.”

“Don’t wait to be happy when you achieve your dreams, choose to be happy now.”

“Don’t wait until you reach your goals to enjoy life, enjoy the journey.”

“Embrace the flow of life, there will be chaos but all has a purpose.”

“Enjoy the journey, the destination will always arrive.”

“Give yourself credit for all the progress you are making.”

“Happiness is found in embracing your challenges as well as your blessings. Happiness is loving and comforting other people as you help them work through their trials.”

“Have genuine joy for other people’s success and you will see more in your life as well.”

“If you are actively improving yourself, you won’t have time to judge others.”

“If you are not happy now, what makes you think you would be happy when you reach your goals?.”

“Never discount small acts of kindness, they may make a huge difference in the life of another.”

“Never let a day pass without laughter.”

“One act of unexpected kindness per day keeps sadness away.”

“One friendly smile can change a person’s whole day.”

“Spread happiness, make another person smile every day.”

“The greatest wealth is in a content heart.”

“The key to happiness is releasing fear and anger.”

“The key to happiness is releasing fear.”

“You can be the reason someone finds happiness today.”

“You choose to live in misery when you hold onto hate and anger, let it go and live free.”

“Your anger comes from a place of selfishness.”

“Your priceless treasures are the ones that cannot be taken from you.”

“Your smile can create a chain reaction.”

“A person who understands WHY is never at the mercy to a person who simply understands HOW.”

“Challenges on the way to your goals will be great stories to tell when you reach your destination.”

“Know the path, Walk the path, Feel the path, Be the path.”

“Surrender to the transformation of yourself.”

“The path ahead is unfinished.”

“When the wind is blowing the wrong way, adjust your sails.”

“Your past will be your future unless you consciously create something new.”

“Defeat is temporary, to be defeated is final. Choose to get up each time you fall.”

“Everything you are searching for is already inside.”

“Fail your way to success by getting up each time you fall.”

“Hell is when the man I am comes face to face with the man I might have become.”

“I would rather have my own hot dog stand business than to work for someone else and have to ask my boss if I could go to the bathroom.”

“Identify what your standards are, then most of your decisions become easy.”

“If you need an alarm clock to get you out of bed in the morning, you don’t have a big enough dream.”

“Leaders must have confidence, nothing loses supporters like a lack of confidence.”

“Let go of anger, it is like a burning coal scorching your heart.”

“Let go of fear of every kind, let go of doubt. Purify your heart by filling it with infinite love for yourself and for others.”

“People with big visions are attracted to each other.”

“Remain humble, remove fear and anger from your heart, embrace light and integrity in all things and you’ll be able to use the power of intuition in ways that you didn’t think were possible.”

“Self-doubt will be your greatest roadblock to personal growth.”

“Set a goal so big that when you achieve it you will know God’s power in your life.”

“Set your goals in stone and your dates in sand.”

“The great achievers are seldom people with the most education. They are the ones who chose to use their knowledge and discipline to transform their lives and others.”

“The highest return on your investment will be the one you make in yourself.”

“The person who has a powerful, positive impact in the most lives wins!.”

“The stars are the brightest in the darkest night.”

“There is true power in your words, be sure they come from a place of love.”

“Unity in thought and purpose creates your future.”

“Weak leaders create followers, strong leaders inspire and empower others.”

“Without clear goals, you will get nowhere with amazing accuracy.”

“You cannot force change on another person, but what you can do is create an environment that inspires them to want to change.”

“Your greatest joy will not be in achieving your goals, it will be found in the journey.”

“Your grip on your past is keeping you from creating your future.”

“Your heart will change more lives than all the money and power you could accumulate.”

“Your past is behind you, your future is unwritten, the present moment is where you should focus your attention.”

“Intuitive thought leads to creative ideas.”

“Logically work out the solution in your mind, ask God if your decision is correct, then quietly listen to the spirit of truth inside your heart.”

“Many of the greatest inventors learned to trust their intuition.”

“Trust your inner guidance, it will lead you to your personal goals and dreams.”

“Your inner guidance will lead you when your outer world falls apart.”

“Clearly visualize the direction you want to go then trust the guidance that comes from within.”

“Have the courage to trust yourself, listen to the still small voice inside your heart.”

“If you have been a victim and your mind is so full of distrust and worry, learn to listen to the still small voice of peace and truth.”

“In business and in life, trust your intuitions, they will lead you to joy and abundance in all areas.”

“Intuition reaches beyond the five senses to a world of truth that exists outside your conscious mind.”

“Intuition seldom comes as a loud, powerful voice. It is more likely a peaceful, loving affirmation of truth.”

“It is difficult for someone who has experienced trauma to trust their intuitions. Help them heal their pain and learn to trust again.”

“It takes faith and courage to trust your intuition.”

“Let go of fear and doubt, listen to your own inner voice.”

“Listen to the guidance of the divine light within you.”

“Listen to your gut feeling, it knows more than your logical mind.”

“Listen to your inner voice and it will lead you to a peaceful life.”

“Listening to your intuition is feeling deeply into the quiet, peaceful promptings inside your heart.”

“Listening with your ears is not as important as listening with your heart.”

“Prepare your mind to accept the truth coming from the peaceful voice within.”

“Put ego and logic aside and learn to listen to the intuitive guidance coming from within.”

“The discovery of life’s greatest truths will come from inside your heart.”

“The still small voice inside your heart is always aligned with your highest good.”

“The still, peaceful voice of truth is too quiet for the average person to hear through all the noise.”

“Train yourself to listen to the still small voice inside your heart.”

“Training your intuition is like training your muscles, it requires consistency and will get stronger as you use it.”

“True genius lives in the intuitive mind.”

“Trust the sacred energy that speaks to your soul through intuitive guidance.”

“Trust your intuition, it will guide you to a place of peace and prosperity.”

“Trust your intuitions and then act upon that which you now know to be true.”

“Trust yourself, realize that your intuitive guidance comes from a place of infinite truth.”

“You came into this world with the gift of intuitive guidance, trust your heart as it is tied to infinite truth.”

“You were born with the ability to feel when something is not right.”

“Your highest and best path will become clear as you listen to the truth coming from within your heart.”

“Your intuitive mind is a sacred gift that keeps on giving.”

“Your logical mind is finite, your intuition is connected to the infinite.”

“Your logical mind tells you what you want to hear, your intuitive mind tells you what you need to hear.”

“Anything that is tied to growth and compassion and service are gifts from our divine feminine.”

“A divine masculine has a strong heart and a strong spirit.”

“A divine masculine is honest in all his dealings.”

“A divine masculine is never feared by those who are innocent and by those who he protects.”

“A divine masculine respects and honors the divine feminine.”

“A divine masculine will protect the divine feminine and stand up for what is good and what is right.”

“A healthy divine masculine bridles his passions and uses those passions to elevate, and to create an energy of love and compassion.”

“All human beings, male and female, can embrace the healing and creative powers of the divine feminine. They can also embody the power of the divine masculine to initiate action, create stability and protect.”

“Creative energy is divine feminine, not only creating human life, but creating a beautiful home and a beautiful environment.”

“Divine masculine energy coming from the place of love is able to protect and stop negative forces from interfering with creation.”

“Divine masculine energy is felt in the warmth and light from the sun.”

“Divine masculine energy is movement energy and strength, this energy can be in every one of us.”

“Divine masculine energy supports as it gives power to help the divine feminine expand and create.”

“Divine masculine is an integrity centered life.”

“Divine masculine is divine power that supersedes all understanding of human flesh.”

“Divine masculine is immovable in the commitment to honor the family and protect innocence.”

“Divine masculine is not unbridled power tied to greed and pride, it is unconditional love.”

“Divine masculine is protection without hatred.”

“Divine masculine is tied to reason.”

“Divine masculine will use powerful hands, a powerful heart and a powerful mind to build and co-create.”

“God is not masculine and God is not feminine, God is a combined, beautiful, balanced energy of both.”

“God is within you, in the form of your divine feminine and your divine masculine.”

“Qualities of the divine feminine are emotional strength, nurturing, being cooperative, compassionate and empathetic.”

“Respect the divine feminine and the deep emotional bond between mother and child.”

“Sexual energy is more powerful than anybody understands. It is to be used in conjunction with infinite love and in doing so will create abundance and help you ascend to a higher level of consciousness.”

“The divine feminine can be observed in the beauty of music, the beauty of art and compassion that would heal somebody who has experienced trauma.”

“The divine feminine feels and makes decisions based on those feelings.”

“The divine feminine inner peace is so strong that it generates peace for others.”

“The divine feminine is a creator, the divine feminine is a healer. The divine feminine has deep, motherly compassion.”

“The divine feminine is the creative power that forms life. It is the imaginative energy center that creates music, paintings and artistic beauty in all forms.”

“The divine feminine is tied to creation and beauty in all forms.”

“The divine feminine is trusting, the divine feminine is nourishing. The divine feminine will give of herself nourishment from her body, from her heart, from her soul.”

“The divine feminine will feed and create nourishment in physical form as well as spiritual.”

“The divine masculine is a beacon of light.”

“The divine masculine is a leader in righteousness.”

“The divine masculine is a protector of the divine feminine.”

“The divine masculine is a provider and provides security in all forms to the family and loved ones.”

“The divine masculine is aware of his feelings and intentions and would protect others against himself if necessary.”

“The divine masculine is blessed with a powerful sexual urge that allows co-creation with God and with the divine feminine.”

“The divine masculine is dependable, trustworthy, and loyal.”

“The divine masculine is ever watchful and protects against anything that would stop the light of creation and progression within the family, the community, or the world.”

“The divine masculine is not weak and will not be taken advantage of, but will ensure that every transaction is done with fairness for everyone involved.”

“The divine masculine is responsible, taking responsibility for the past, present, and for the future.”

“The divine masculine lifts others, supports them and ensures that they have a safe environment to thrive.”

“The divine masculine protects innocence.”

“The divine masculine uses faith and unconditional love to support the growth and creation of all that surrounds him.”

“The divine masculine will ensure that those who would take away innocence or would hurt others will be stopped and will be put in a position where they cannot inflict harm.”

“The divine masculine will know if his passions are not in alignment with God in preserving innocence and creation, and he will remove himself until he can repair what needs to be repaired.”

“The divine masculine will protect innocence at all costs.”

“The divine masculine will teach compassion and service.”

“The healthy divine masculine should be seen as a great triumph over pride.”

“The healthy divine masculine will respect sexual creative powers and will harness it and direct it for the good.”

“The heart-centered love that you feel when you embrace another person, when you embrace the innocence of an animal, this is all divine feminine energy.”

“The qualities of the divine masculine can be found and experienced in all people.”

“There is polarity in all things. With the powerful, divine blessing of intimate creation comes the abuse of this power causing generational trauma.”

“This divine feminine protects the most innocent and the most vulnerable through nourishment, peace and love.”

“Through the energy of the divine feminine we can help heal the world, we are able to create new life and are able to see the expansion within the life that is here.”

“Unconditional love of the divine masculine love keeps the innocent safe.”

“Your logical mind is not something that should be shunned. It is a gift from the divine masculine, it is there to help you protect.”

Paul Hutchinson

About Paul Hutchinson

Paul Hutchinson, a successful business owner and philanthropist, has dedicated his life to to creating a world where everyone can experience safety, freedom, and hope.

Paul Hutchinson has personally led or played a critical role in over 70 undercover rescue missions to save children enslaved in child sex trafficking. 

Paul has now turned his focus on eliminating demand for child trafficking and breaking the chain of actions that leads to these acts by teaching individuals to protect themselves and their families, educating others on how they can make a positive change in their lives, and by helping those who have struggled with trauma or addiction to heal and recover.

Founder, Child Liberation Foundation

Executive Producer, Sound of Freedom

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