Battling The Darkness and Exploitation in Bangkok, Thailand LHP Ep.10

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Welcome back to another episode of Liberating Humanity. In this episode, host Paul Hutchinson takes us on a gripping journey through the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, where he, along with his team, stumbled upon a disheartening scene: over 100 girls, each with a number pinned to their outfit, signaling their entrapment in the web of human trafficking. 

From the distressing prevalence of prostitution to the shocking accounts of families selling their own children out of dire economic necessity, our episode lays bare the dehumanizing grip of exploitation in Southeast Asia.

Join us as we uncover the emotional rollercoaster of experiences – from witnessing firsthand the depravity of the red-light districts to the highs and lows of undercover operations in a bid to gather crucial evidence against human traffickers. 

We delve into the heart-wrenching encounters and the resolute determination of those on the front lines to bring an end to this horrific injustice. As we navigate through the challenges in the face of unspeakable atrocities, we gain a deeper understanding of the imperative to combat this pervasive evil.

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