Dr. Finance Live Podcast Episode 93 – Paul Hutchinson Interview – Entrepreneur – Philanthropist

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Welcome to Liberating Humanity Podcast, where host Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV (aka “Dr. Finance®”) delves into the world of finance, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. In this episode, Dr. Criniti sits down with Paul Hutchinson, the remarkable co-founder of Bridge Investment Group, overseeing a staggering $40 billion in assets under management and leading a team of 2000 employees.

But Paul’s story doesn’t end with his extraordinary success in the financial realm. In 2017, he made the pivotal decision to retire, redirecting his focus and resources towards philanthropy. With a passion for making a meaningful impact, Paul is renowned for his inspirational presentations, captivating audiences worldwide, including royalty and esteemed family office conferences across six continents.

Paul’s dedication to philanthropy knows no bounds. As the founder of The Child Liberation Foundation, he has devoted countless hours and resources to combatting child trafficking, earning him accolades such as the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the International Medal of Freedom award. His upcoming books, slated for release in early 2023, promise to empower readers with insights on leveraging intuition and the law of creation to build empires while rescuing thousands of children.

Beyond his philanthropic endeavors, Paul’s remarkable journey is peppered with accolades and affiliations that speak to his diverse expertise and unwavering commitment to societal betterment. From receiving honorary doctorates from 12 universities to being knighted by the Knights Templar and Prince Lorenzo in Rome, Paul’s impact resonates far and wide. As an honorary colonel of the Unified Police Department and a former board member of organizations like the FBI Citizens Academy and Make-A-Wish Foundation, Paul’s multifaceted contributions continue to leave an indelible mark on society.

Tune in as Dr. Criniti and Paul delve into the intersections of finance, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, offering listeners a glimpse into the transformative power of passion and purpose.

This episode promises insights, inspiration, and a testament to the profound impact one individual can make on the world.

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