Child Liberation Foundation Saving Lives, One Child At A Time with Paul Hutchinson

About the Podcast

Join us in this compelling episode of Unshackled as we delve into the extraordinary journey of Paul Hutchison, a beacon of hope in the fight against human trafficking. With unwavering conviction and a heart ablaze with compassion, Paul recounts the founding of the Child Liberation Foundation, a relentless crusade to rescue children from the clutches of modern-day slavery.

Through gripping narratives of rescue missions and tales of triumph over adversity, Paul unveils the harrowing realities of the human trafficking underworld and the resilient spirit of those liberated. From the power of faith and unwavering belief in oneself to the vital role of trauma healing, Paul shares invaluable insights that transcend boundaries of belief and background.

Tune in to Unshackled and embark on a transformative journey of hope, courage, and unwavering determination to save lives, one child at a time.


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