Healing Our World: Hada’s Crusade Against Child Trafficking and Generational Trauma LHP 009

About the Podcast

Welcome to part 2 of my Interview with Hada Vanessa, where we delve deep into the heart-wrenching reality of child trafficking and abuse. 

If you haven’t take the time to watch part 1 here:• Child Liberations Executive Director:…  

We share unbelievable, real-life experiences in our fight against this global epidemic. 

From our travels around the world to encounters with dangerous traffickers, we reveal the harrowing stories of victims and the urgent need for action. 

Join us as we discuss the profound impact of childhood trauma, the power of positive energy, and the importance of addressing the root causes of abuse.

Link to our resources here:  https://liberating-humanity.com/courses-resources/

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