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In this gripping episode, Mike sits down with Paul Hutchinson, with over 70 undercover rescue missions under his belt, Paul shares his remarkable journey from aspiring brain surgeon to the founder of the Child Liberation Foundation and Liberate Humanity. Listeners will be captivated by the stories of Paul’s daring infiltrations into trafficking networks, his collaboration with retired US service personnel and the federal police, and his role in one of the largest child rescue missions in history.

Prepare to be taken into the dark world as Paul exposes the brutal realities of this heinous crime. From undercover missions to the horrifying truth of organ harvesting, this episode leaves no stone unturned. Paul sheds light on the danger, hostility, and heartbreak that he and his team faced during their operations, highlighting the urgent need to break the chain of abuse before it takes root.

But it doesn’t end there. Paul goes on to discuss the importance of healing and rehabilitation for survivors. He delves into the complex moral implications surrounding the perpetrators of these crimes, as well as the disappointing response from the justice system.

Discover the work of the Child Liberation Foundation and the liberating wings project, which aim to provide healing modalities for trauma victims.

This episode will leave you inspired and empowered.

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