From Multi Billion $ Real Estate Fund Manager to Philanthropist: Paul Hutchinson Inspiring Journey.

About the Podcast

Meet Paul Hutchinson, a Co-Founder of Bridge Investment Group, one of the largest real estate investment firms in the U.S. managing over $48 billion in assets.

Paul’s investment funds have consistently ranked as the top performing in the industry. After retiring in 2017, Paul has dedicated his time and resources to philanthropy. He is widely recognized as a leading authority on philanthropy, having delivered keynote speeches on the topic to royalty, world leaders, and influencers on 6 continents.

Paul is the Founder of The Child Liberation Foundation. On part 1 we deep dive his early years, how he became an entrepreneur, treasure hunting expeditions, dealing with shady business men, how to create a compelling vision, finding your why and purpose, fraud in the investment world + much more!

Discover more about Paul Hutchinson’s incredible journey on part 1 of a 2 part podcast episode.

You can see part 2 of the episode here.

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