We Takedown Haiti’s Child Trafficking Rings, 8 Missions in 1 story

About the Podcast

Welcome back to the Liberating Humanity podcast, hosted by Paul Hutchinson. In this captivating episode, we delve into a challenging story that takes us from darkness to hope.

We take you to Haiti, where a courageous rescue operation unfolds. This mission involves 34 children who have fallen victim to human trafficking networks that are deeply entangled with corruption at the highest levels. Through our discussion, we’ll uncover the aftermath of this daring operation, including the civil unrest it has triggered, as well as the unfortunate passing of the country’s president.

Join us on the front lines as we strive to shed light on this issue, educate our listeners, and inspire action.

Tune in to Liberating Humanity, where we reveal the truth, celebrate courage, and foster unity.

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