Face to Face with the Cartel, Undercover in Ecuador LHP 014

About the Podcast

In this gripping episode your host Paul Hutchinson takes us on a heart-pounding journey as he recounts his final recorded undercover mission in Ecuador. This mission proved to be one of his most successful operations yet, directly leading to the rescue of numerous vulnerable children. 

From secret meetings in dimly lit rooms to the heart-wrenching scenes he witnessed in strip clubs with underage dancers, Paul’s first-hand accounts shed light on the disturbing reality that these innocent children face on a daily basis.

Through the strength and determination of his team, along with the unwavering support of his wife, they navigate treacherous challenges in their mission to liberate these victims from the clutches of exploitation.

This episode will leave you on the edge of your seat, as Paul’s powerful storytelling immerses you in the highs and lows of this life-changing mission. 

Tune in and be inspired by Paul Hutchinson’s incredible bravery and unwavering dedication to making a difference.

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